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2 North Commerce Square, Robbinsville, NJ 08691

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2 North Commerce Square • Robbinsville, NJ • 609.259.0072

What People Are Saying... ...from around the Web

5 stars

Great selection


"Wow, talk about having everything!


"Just discovered this place, even though I've been living only 15 minutes away. What a first impression when you walk in the door! If I have to say any single thing that makes me a repeat customer with any food service business, it's the smell. The second you walk in the aroma of Italian everything hits you like a ton of bricks. I didn't walk in hungry, but I can't imagine anyone's appetite holding out in this place. If the smell doesn't get you, the beautiful, eye catching display cases filled with everything from desserts, entrees and appetizers definitely will.


"The sandwiches we ordered for lunch were the biggest sandwiches we've ever seen. And they were under $10! Absolutely delicious, we couldn't even finish them in one sitting :-) We also ordered dinner and dessert for later and it was to die for. Wonderful Italian cooking you can bring home!!"

Eric P, Hightstown, NJ


5 stars

Great quality


"The best thing that's happened to this area is this market. The food is always amazing...if you want to bring home dinner or get a sub by far the best quality.  They make everything there. The bread is to die for!  Joe Clemente is an awesome chef and I really can't say enough good things other than you get excellent quality for the money. The subs are probably the best I have ever eaten in my life and I am an expert on subs. lol"

Paul Z, Titusville, NJ



5 stars

Catering is tremendous


"Coming from Brooklyn, they bring back the delicious foods of my youth. Been there dozens of times. Sandwiches rule and the pasta is amazing. The bread is the best in the area. Catering is tremendous!!!!"

George S., Trenton, NJ



4 stars

Reminds me of my childhood


"This store reminds me of growing up and waiting at the counter for your order of sliced lunch meat with your mom :) Got the chance to have Dolce and Clemente's cater my son's baptism - we just ordered online and picked up day of. The food was hot and just needed to stay warm on Sternos. I ordered SO much thinking they would skimp. I had SO much leftover! Rave reviews from family members and myself - notable items were the fried mac and cheese balls, the Caesar pasta salad and chicken parm. Looking forward to being able to use their catering menu more."

Jessica F, Allentown, NJ



4 stars



"Italian special hero is great. Buffalo chicken soldier is also really good. We bring loafs of Italian bread to my in-laws, as they love the bread. It really is delicious! The coffee crumb cakes are tasty. . . . They also have great gift baskets around the holidays."

MV, Robbinsville, NJ



5 stars

Great bread and delicacies


"My Wife wanted to give (her uncle) the best Italian gourmet experience. Because he was coming for lunch, we decided on Super Italian sub sandwiches with six antipastos and pastries for dessert.


"Everything was great. The sandwiches are stuffed, stuffed, stuffed, with the finest Italian cold cuts and cheese. We also had Sicilian Green Olives, Orzo Salad, Tomatoes and Mozzarella, and several other salads.  The cream puffs and cheese cake pastries were delicious.


"This is a great Italian Market located right in the Washington Town Square in Robbinsville. It has great bread, sandwiches, sausage and Italian delicacies."

David B., East Windsor, NJ




5 stars

Great customer service


"Best place in town, in my opinion! Awesome food, always polite and courteous every time I go in. Order a (sandwich), talk about the Eagles game. Guy tells me the Eagles stink, I tell him the Giants stink, just like being at home. Awesome desserts, good salads, friendly people... What more could you ask for?!?!"

Jason G, Trenton, NJ



5 stars



"This is the reason why I miss New Jersey. Dolce & Clemente's was one of my favorite (pre-yelp) places to frequent when I lived in NJ. The Italian specialties make your mouth water the second you walk in the door. From REAL semolina Italian breads to the fresh cannoli. If you're ever in Robbinsville this place is a MUST visit!


"They have hot and cold antipasto salads and make their sandwiches to order, they use boar's head products and imported Italian brands. They have a very nice selection of pastry, dried sausage, and other assorted delicacies.


"They're one of the only stores in the area that sell genuine Pastosa Ravioli (From 86th street in Brooklyn).


"They sell FRESH homemade mozzarella (That's a dream to an Italian like me YUMM).


"I could rave about this place for days. If you're ever looking for a real Italian Salumeria, this is it."

Nikki B., Las Vegas, NVs



5 stars

Generous portions


"Everything is excellent here. If you like a sandwich with LOTS of meat ask for the "Hulk Grogan" named after one of the employees! Then plan on eating it for lunch AND dinner. This could be my favorite thing about living in Robbinsville!"

Matt E. Trenton, NJ



5 stars

Amazing sandwiches


"It takes me at least 20 minutes to get out of Dolce and Clemente's even though I always go in knowing what I need, and they are adequately staffed. The selection here is mind boggling. I plan to try many, many more items but have been extremely satisfied so far with various purchases of different antipastos, freshly made mozzarella, and AMAZING belly busting sandwiches."

Jennifer M, Robbinsville, NJ



5 stars

Owner who loves his business


"I stumbled on this place on a drive between DC and NYC.


This is what every Italian deli strives to be. I met the owner when I was there.  I could tell this guy was really in love with his business. It shows in the food.


"I'm Italian and I can tell when a deli owner cares about his clientele.  He carries everything. This is a legitimate east coast Italian deli. I had a meatball sandwich that must have weighed five pounds....it was awesome too! You have got to be kidding me with this place....there should be lines out the door.


"I wish every town had a spot like this."

El S, New York, NY



5 stars

Fresh bread, friendly staff


"Fantastic find so close to home. The staff are very friendly and helpful, the food is always fresh and delicious but it's the freshly baked breads that have me stopping in several times a week. We have long complained that there was no bakery/shop in Central NJ that is capable of making authentic European-style bread but no more, Dolce & Clemente's fresh bread selection is delicious."

Jamie C., Allentown, NJ



5 stars

Top shelf


"It’s better than anything in South Philly. This place is a cornucopia of goodness. The food is all homemade and top shelf in every way. If you really want REAL Italian specialties, look no further. We will be back."

Frank S., Cinnaminson, NJ



5 stars

Great business lunch


"So I happened to walk into a meeting at work where lunch was provided and I found myself eating one of the top 3 subs I've ever had in my life. Now that statement cannot be taken lightly by a Jersey Boy who's been frequented solid delis his entire life. Like most sandwiches, one of the key ingredients is the bread. Back to the sandwich, the thinly sliced Boars Head turkey layered on this great bread was a match made in Jersey Deli Heaven! In fact it was so good there was no need for the packets of mayo and mustard that sat on the table as I devoured my sub. I WISH this place was further north instead of down in the state of South Jersey."

Leeann O, Newark, NJ



5 stars

Fresh, homemade, local


"This is a family market at its best. The prepared foods are all fresh and made with care (great meatballs and chicken parm). Their bread is impeccably fresh, with a crispy crust encasing soft fluffy spongy insides. This is a famous local institution with a very loyal following, and very much rightly so. The staff is extremely friendly.


"The selection is huge, with many cheeses, cured meats, refrigerated ready to eat foods, breads, as if the store imported a small cross-section of Italy to this corner of NJ, though conveniently located off of the turnpike."

Horace L, Trenton, NJ



5 stars

Unbelievable Italian


"After you taste Dolce and Clemente's "deli" food, you may never bother cooking Italian again. This is a genuine, old-style Salumeria that clearly takes great pride in the authenticity and quality of its food. During our last visit we ordered fresh-made rice balls -- that is, the guy behind the counter was making the rice balls and placing them in a container for us. Fresh enough? If you're in the market for superb stuffed shells, ravioli, and such, this is the place. Yes, you can make your own. But unless you're a major-league pro, yours won't be as good. This is the only place in the area to buy first-rate Italian specialties. Everyone else comes in second."

RH0001, Kennebunk, ME



5 stars

Old fashioned personal service


"This market has outstanding one stop shopping service with personal attention. Highly recommend shopping here for big family dinner needs, or a quick last minute restaurant style take home meal. The people who work there went above and beyond for me when I needed a special ingredient that i really didn’t want to make a second trip to another store for. Servizio eccellente, amo questo posto!"




5 stars

Unbeatable Italian


"Great shopping experience. Reminds me of my beloved Brooklyn from the 1960s and '70's, great food, great neighbors and great value. The Italian bread is equal to, or better than, anything we had in Brooklyn. And we had some of the best in the city including Cammareri Bros. Bakery (Moonstruck fame), Caputo's and Mazzolla's. Their hero sandwiches are also world class - my favorite is the American Italian. Greet cheese, especially the "extra sharp provolone" packaged from Italy. If you're in the area, take a walk through, find something you like and enjoy the experience."

Matt M, Robbinsville, NJ



5 stars

Best selection of Italian groceries in the area


"The food choices are fantastic and I have had their catering on several memorable occasions. They have the best bread in the state of New Jersey, and their prepared foods are perfect if you don’t feel like cooking. Their selection of imported Italian products is outstanding. I would be deliriously happy to buy all my groceries here!"

frankiedC09, Princeton, NJ